The mission of the Biologic and Medical Engineering Association is to federate medical technologies actors. It gathers organizations and societies involved in this field among three colleges: the first related to education and upstream research, the second stands for the industry and technology transfer, and last but not least, the third accounts for end users of medical technologies, clinicians, hospital physicists, biomedical engineers, etc.

Founded around fifteen years ago, the AGBM centers its activities around many essential objects to support its members among which:

  • Scientific, technologic and medical Information promotion with the IRBM paper as well as technologies topicality with IRBM News. The edition of these papers is  respectively carried out with :
    • The SFGBM (Biologic and Medical Engineering French Society), gathering researchers
    • The AFIB (Biomedical Engineering French Association), gathering all hospital biomedical engineers.
  • Expertise census: clinicians, contractors, researchers, therefore knowledge and know-how, in order to simplify states of the art, projects, and prevent actors partitioning.
  • The “Innovative Medical Technologies Contest” planning since year 2000 in relation with HOPITAL EXPO – INTERMEDICA Congress.