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Modeling, Design and Expert Analysis of Fluidized Bed Systems
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Ergun Software for Bubbling Beds

Modeling, Design and Expert Analysis of Bubbling Fluid Beds and their peripherals

ERGUN software is the result of collaboration among researchers in the field of fluidization on one hand and industrial demand on the other hand. The software is particularly well adapted to the needs of process engineers but can be also used for training and education (see Tutorials).

Time needed to be familiar with the program is only a few hours. ERGUN program is fully on-line documented; dialogue messages are present at all levels without slowing down the calculations. This extensive self-documentation makes it possible to learn in a couple of hours the different possibilities offered by the program and to start performing calculations without any waste of time.

Hardware requirements

ERGUN software works under Microsoft Windows © and needs at least 64 MB of RAM memory, 16 bit colors and some 50 MB of disk space.

Ergun Software Packages

University and Industrial Packages are available.
The base package proposed to Industries and Universities is the full package as presented here. However, Industries can ask for a "Personal Process" option, including a model of their own process. Some other extra features, like highly charged cyclones or special chemical reactions, are available as additional options with the Industrial Package.



Ergun Design Technology

Ergun Sotware is designed in a simple "click and go" environment


A "Virtual Expert" helps the user all along the design project



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