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Modeling, Design and Expert Analysis of Fluidized Bed Systems
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Ergun Software for Circulating Beds

Modeling, Design and Simulation of Circulating Fluidized Beds

This package of Ergun software is especially dedicated to the Circulating Fluidized Beds. It can be applied to a number of processes like: "Power Stations" (coal combustion with sulfur absorption), Fluid Catalytic Cracking reactors (FCC process), Calcination processes, CO² absorption on calcite, etc. The package is independent from the Ergun BFB (Bubbling Beds Simulator) and provides all necessary tools for the study of circulating beds from the "Hydrodynamic" point of view. Heat transfer coefficient at wall of the riser is also calculated.

The software is focused on the CFB system with no "external dense be and no filters calculation. It uses the latest theories in CFB modeling domain for any of the option presented beside.

The program provides all the facilities of the "Ergun Environment" (intertive diagrams, easy use data grid sheet with auto data transfer function, scientifc hints, etc.). The Gas/Solid Database and its common functionalities is also inlculed in the package. In addition to the online user's manual, a very sharp and easy acces "Hints" function is added to the environment. This function helps the user to get a rapid idea about the scientific concepts (models) use in the program.

Hardware requirements

ERGUN software works under Microsoft Windows © and needs at least 64 MB of RAM memory, 16 bit colors and some 50 MB of disk space.

Ergun CFB Package

The version proposed to Industries and Universities is the full package (as presented on this site). However, Industries can ask for a version adapted to their own process.



Ergun Design Technology


ERGUN CFB is designed in a simple "click and go" environment.


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