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Modeling, Design and Expert Analysis of Fluidized Bed Systems  
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Ergun Environment

(ERGUN BFB and ERGUN CFB packages)


The Ergun Software uses the latest data processing technology and computer science tools. The program is designed to minimize the time needed for a design study. The Data preparation sheet is composed of a simple "click and type" grid where units, notation and descriptions are presented. The data can be imported from one file to another and physical properties of gas and solid phases can be directly imported from a simple but powerful Database.

The results obtained are always presenetd in a number of interactive diagrams (see below) with "Copy & Paste" possibility from Ergun to any other application. Results are also available in "text" format files for further investigations.

A "Virtual Expert" helps the user to avoid common traps in the pragmatical fluidization art of design. Also the Virtual Expert advises the user to choose the most appropriate models.

All along your project, you may need to provide the physical properties of a given solid phase or a mixture of gaseous species. The Gas/Solid "Database" helps the user to calculate quickly all necessary properties (density, viscosity, specific heat, etc.) for the gas and the solid phases.

  Other facilities :

Online continous help

Online notation and units

Online "Scientific References"

Online "Scientific Manual" and "Hints"

"Copy and Paste" diagrams

Automatic "Data Trnsfer" functionality

"Import Data" from the Database


Ergun Fluidization Technology

Gas/Solid Database of Ergun Environment is an easy but powerful tool.


Data preparation grid with "Import Data" and "Database" call features

  • Example of interactive results diagrams of Ergun Software.


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