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Exchange students

Exchange students are students from abroad who come to UTC for a period of study (from 1 to 2 semesters) without the aim of getting a degree from UTC. The students are usually involved in UTC's exchange programs through partner institutions or networks.
Tuition is paid at the home institution and students must bear the following expenses : transportation, room and board, welfare and insurance and leisure activities.

Summer and Winter break programs (Intensive French language courses)

Four-week intensive French language courses are given just before the beginning of each semester and are completed by weekly 4-8 hour sessions during the semester. Students who already have a good level in French can take credit courses, and for the others these classes will give them basic knowledge to get along in everyday life in France.

  •  4 weeks in August : 80 hours of French language courses along with excursions, cultural and sports activities
  •  4 weeks from the end of January to the end of February : 80 hours of French language courses

These programs are free for exchange students. However, you need to register early because availability is limited. For registration, please contac Celine De Araujo, our team coordinator incomings.

Choice of courses

Studies at UTC are flexible thanks to a system of credit courses (called “UV”s course units) which are cumulated over two semesters. There is great variety and each course is worth 4 or 6 ECTS (European credit system). A normal yearly load for a UTC student is 60 ECTS (or approximately 12 credit courses or “UV”s course units).
Exchange students may select credit courses in fundamental engineering or in a major under the condition that the course is given during that particular semester and that it is compatible with the university timetable.
The student’s choice has to be approved by both the home university and UTC. Most classes are given in French however there are some are taught in English.

Coherent packages of credit courses in English

Each academic department has designed a coherent package of credit course in English to enable non-francophone international students to undertake a period of study at UTC and to obtain credits. This is offered to "exchange and degree seeking students" both at the French engineering degree and the Master's degree.


UTC offers a certain number of credit courses organized in projects which give students practical experience. Students who choose to follow one of these courses work in small groups in close relation with a professor. The content of these courses is published each semester and students can freely register.

Industrial internships

Students may also do a training period in a company, however in this case they have to have studied for one semester at UTC beforehand.


Six-step guide to prepare your application

Step 1 :  First of all, you need to contact the International Relations Office at your home university to make sure that  UTC has signed a bilateral contract with your home university.

Step 2 : Download the application form and complete it carefully.

Step 3 : Summit your application through the International Relations Office at your home university. Please note that the application deadline for the fall semester is June 1st and for the spring semester is November 1st. 

Step 4 : You will receive an acceptance letter from UTC to obtain your visa with one month. Please contact Céline DE ARAUJO for the reservation of your room and the best itinerary to arrive at Compiègne.

Step 5 : Start to learn French if necessary and prepare your suitcase.

Step 6 : Enjoy your trip and welcome at UTC.

Application files must include the following documents :

  •  A curriculum vitae resume
  •  Entire university record
  •  2 letters of recommendation from science professors, in French or in English
  •  Personal Statement [Letter of Intent] in French or in English explaining why you would like to study at UTC and your career goals
  •  A selection of credit courses you wish to follow at UTC
  •  Application form, which can be downloaded here

Applications forms for international students must be returned to us at the latest by the 1st of June for the Fall semester and the 1st of November for the Winter semester.

All official documents (diplomas, school records etc.) must be certified. They must be translated into French or English and certified by the Embassy or Consulate of your country.


International Relations Office


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