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Tuition and financial aid

Tuition and financial aid

At UTC, tuition for international students is totally free thanks to French government subsidies, but each year students need to pay the registration fees and social security.


Exchange programs :
  •  no registration fees
  •  social security : 195
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  •  medical fee : 4.57 €

Students from the European Union or Québec do not need to pay the social security in France, since their home countries have a social security agreement with France. Students who are more than 28 years old should register at CPAM and their social security is totally free.

Grants for international students

There are two types of grants for international students : housing grants and grants from student's home country.

Housing grants : provided by the French government according to student’s financial situations. It is managed by CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales).

Grants from the student's country of origin : for more information, please contact the International Relations Office of your home university or the embassy.

Philéas accueil scolarship

Philéas Accueil is both a merit and need based scholarship, awarded by the Region of Picardie to provide financial support for talented international engineering students. Students will be assessed competitively on the basis of overall academic performance, research capacity and financial criteria.

  •  520 €/month during 5 months per academic year and a travel grant of 300€ maximum
  •  Philéas Accueil scholarship holders have a priority to live in the Student Residence (CROUS)
  •  A housing grant may also be attributed monthly by the French government
  •  International students from UTC partner universities selected to study at UTC      
  •  Outstanding academic performance
  •  Excellent level of French
  •  Demonstrated financial need
Application procedure
  •  UTC exchange students are not automatically considered as scholarship applicants, a separate application is required.
Application package
  •  Completed student application form
  •  Resumé or CV
  •  Letter of Intent or Motivation Letter
  •  Transcripts from the 3 last years of studies
  •  Two recommendation letters from science professors

IMPORTANT : you must submit your application through the International Relations Office at your home university. Any individual application will not be accepted.

Application deadline
  •  April 15th each year for both spring and fall semester

Please note that any application after this date will not be considered.

You will be notified by email at the beginning of June about the selection result

Higher Education and housing grants

These grants are based on social criteria. Those who may apply are: French students, foreign students, or political refugees who have a valid political refugee card or whose parents have been living in France for more than 2 years.
The grant and/or housing scholarship are based on a yearly updated scale according to financial resources and family responsibilities (information at the CROUS in Amiens or at the reception of the University Residence). Whether it be a first application or renewal, the requests have to be made via internet before the end of April for the following school year (check on this date at the Registrar’s Office). Forms and pre-inscription are available at the Registrar’s office. Students will receive notice directly from the CROUS.


Specific loans : any student of French nationality or political refugees may ask for this type of loan. A commission is held every beginning of December. This type of loan cannot be held concurrently with a Higher Education grant, and being limited in number, only a few students may obtain one. 


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