5th NPU - UTC Seminar

Virtual prototyping for design and fabrication

XiĠan, April 810, 2008





8:30                                       Professor Liu Geng


1.      ROBERVAL LABORATORY--Research unity UTC/CNRS UMR 6253, Mechanics Acoustics and Materials

Jean-Marc Roelandt

2.      MEMS and Research Foundry in XiĠan

Yuan Weizheng

10 :00 Coffee break


10 :20

3.      A new surface mesh generation technique based on a decomposition into quasi developable areas.

Alain Rassineux, Piotr Breitkopf, Pierre Villon

4.  Dynamic behavior analysis of finger seal based on dynamic model

Su Hua, Chen Guoding

12 :00 Lunch


14 :00                                    Professor Jean-Marc Roelandt

5.      Ultra precision meso-machine  design - Design of the guide-way

Yin Zidong, Marc Bonis

6.      Turbine blade shape analysis based on multi-source measurement data

Cheng Yunyong, Zhang Dinghua

15 :20 Coffee break


15 :40

7.      Model reduction strategies for the multidisciplinary optimization of a 3D flexible wing

R. Filomeno Coelho, P. Breitkopf, C. Knopf-Lenoir

8.      Research on cutting parameters optimization of difficult-to-machine material pocket corner

Lu Miaomiao

9.      Strategy of handling constraints in multi-objective problems with genetic algorithm

Zhang Peipei

18 :00 Dinner



8:30                                       Professor Marc Bonis

10.   Improvement of numerical methods for laser welded blanks formability

Sadok Gaied, Jean-Marc Roelandt, Fabrice Pinard, Francis Schmit


11.   Dynamic simulation of the linear friction welding process of Blisk
Du Weizhuo, Lu Chao, Du Suigeng


10 :00 Coffee break


10 :20

12.Experimental study on a new method of opposed double point sheet metal incremental forming

Wang Yongjun


13.   Research on heat dissipation in fatigue test of aluminium alloy

Xia Zhe


12 :00 Lunch


14 :00                                    Professor Tao Hua


14.   Tribology at high temperature: Comparison of the tribological behavior of ceramic composites against steels at 700ĦC in dry and water lubrication conditions.

C. Richard


15.   The compensation on the spring-back of tube bending

Li Yanpeng, Wu jianjun


15 :20 Coffee break


15 :40


16.   Study on key technologies for web-based collaborative design platform and its application in automobile product development

Pang Hui, Fang Zongde


17.   The assistant driving and fingerprint recognition technique on the safety of auto

Wang Kanwei, Fang Zongde


18.   Design and analysis of wheel-legged mobile robot

Tian Haibo, Fang Zongde


18 :00 Dinner



8:30                                       Professor Alain Rassineux


19.   Strain estimation from full-field displacement measurements : the diffuse approximation as a filtering tool

P. Feissel, S. Avril


20.   New progress of age forming

Gan Zhong


10 :00 Coffee break


10 :20

21.   The effect of extrusion velocity on the liquid-solid extrusion proccess

Wang Zheng-jun, Qi Lehua


22.   Research on micro-droplet generation

Jiang Xiao-shan, Qi Lehua


12 :00 Lunch


14 :00                                    Professor Wu Jianjun


23.   Multi-scale continuum-discrete damage model : formulation and Finite Element implementation

D. Brancherie, A. Ibrahimbegovic


24.   Static form errors prediction and compensation in end-milling of thin-walled components.

Kang Yonggang, Wang Zhongqi


15 :20 Coffee break


15 :40


25.   Design, fabrication and characterization of a micro programmable blazed grating

Yu Yiting, Yuan Weizheng


26.   Digital assembly process planning and production controlling technology

Yu Jianfeng, Li Yuan


27.   The research of virtual modifying mould method for turbine blade based on displacement field

Dong Yiwei, Zhang Dinghua


18 :00 Dinner