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Karsten HAUPT

Enzyme and Cell Engineering

Responsible: Karsten Haupt

The research developed in our laboratory "Enzyme and Cell Engineering" focuses on the study and the implementation of biocatalysts. The common scientific aim among all the investigations consists in creating new functions not existing in nature to explain actual life properties and to produce new tools useful for Biotechnology.

The Laboratory is developing its activities following two main axes:

  The Team "Biocatalysis and integrative approach of functions" (Resp. A. Friboulet) approaches the study of biocatalysis in interaction with the metabolic function to which the activity is bound or with which it interferes. The work concerns various biological organisms, animal, plant or procaryotic models.
This topic gathers the studies relating to:
- the modification of metabolic pathways (modulation of the metabolism of lipids in plant cells for example),
- the interaction between the immune system and metabolism (catalytic antibodies for example).
The common axis is the integration of the results in an open and dynamic approach of the metabolism, in rupture with the classical static view.

  In Team "Biomimicry and bioinspired structures", bio-mimicry catalytic structures are developped and studied.
The work concerns:
- the reconstitution and the in vitro study of complex biological machineries like the membrane chains of electrons transfer,
- the creation of artificial binding and catalytic sites by molecular imprinting.
This topic gathers competences in heterogeneous enzymology, molecular auto-assembly, macromolecular chemistry, physico-chemistry of amphiphiles... Many methods related to nanotechnologies are used for characterization: surface plasmon resonance, AFM, electrochemistry, solid state NMR, quartz crystal microbalance, fluorescence microscopy, FRAP...