Matlab-like plotting library

Table of Contents

I. Matlab-like plotting library
Plotlib 0.4 — Overview of plotlib features
axes — Create axes graphic object
Axes properties — Emulated Matlab Axes properties
axis — Sets ot gets the axis limits of a 2D or 3D graph
caxis — CAXIS Pseudocolor axis
cla — clears the current axes structure
colorbar — adds a colorbar to the current shaded plot
colormap — Set/get the RGB colormap of currently active figure
drawnow — Flushed postponed graphics commands.
figure — creates/activates a figure
Figure properties — Emulated Matlab Figure properties
fill — Display 2-D filled polygons with pseudo-color
fill3 — Display 3-D filled polygons with pseudo-color
grid — Add/remove a grid on a 2D or a 3D plot
hold — holds/releases current graph limits.
Leaf properties — Emulated Matlab Leaf properties
legend — graph legend
loglog — logarithmic scaled plot
mesh — Display 3-D mesh surface
pcolor — Pseudo color 2-D plot
plot — linear 2D plot
plot3 — Plot lines and points in 3-D space.
plotlibmode — plotlib compatibility mode
plotyy — 2-D line plots with y-axes on both left and right side
quiver — 2D vector field plot
quiver3 — 3D vector field plot on 3D surface
semilogx — semi-log scaled plot
semilogy — semi-log scaled plot
shading — Add short description here.
shg — Brings a window in the foreground
subplot — divides the current figure into rectangular panes
surf — Display 3-D color surface
surfl — Display 3-D color surface wih lighting
trimesh — Display surface mesh defined by a triangulation
tripcolor — Pseudo color 2-D plot based on a triangulation
trisurf — Display surface defined by a triangulation
trisurfl — Display surface defined by a triangulation with lighting
view — Change viewpoint property for 3d graphs
whitebg — Set the default color scheme