Pascal Moyal - Publications



  • Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Telecom Networks (with L. Decreusefond) ISTE Wiley , 2012.
  • Modelisation et Analyse Stochastiques des reseaux de Telecommunications (in French) (with L. Decreusefond) Hermes Lavoisier , 2011.

Recent work

  • Moyal, P. "Explicit construction of a stationary queue with impatient customers. Case of several servers." In preparation.
  • Mairesse, J. and Moyal, P. "A product form for the FCFM stochastic matching model." In preparation.
  • Busic, A., Mairesse, J. and Moyal, P. "Loynes Construction for the extended bipartite matching." In preparation.

Papers in journals

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