• BL10 - Biological macromolecules, Structures and functions: The molecular design of live and the physical chemistry of macromolecular solutions are presented to students having no prerequisite knowledge in biochemistry. (Water properties, intermolecular forces, amino-acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, viscosity, ultacentrifugation, gel filtration, electrophoresis)

  • BL20 - Cell Biology: Description of biological membrane structure, membrane transports, cell communications and energetic metabolism. (membrane structure, membrane transports, membrane potentials, membrane receptors, cell communications, energetic metabolism)

  • CM11 - General Chemistry: Basics of chemistry, for a main part on aqueous solutions. (atomic and molecular structures, intermolecular forces, chemical equilibrium and thermodynamics, acid-alkali, solubility product, metal-chelate complexes, oxidation-reduction, formal kinetics, catalysis)

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