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CONFERENCE SIA : Light-Weighting and Acoustical Materials in Vehicles - October 22nd 2013 - UTC

One-day International Conference.

In order to face society demand and new 2020 CO2 emissions regulations, transportation industry needs to reduce the weight of vehicles by a minimum of 25%. The NVH package has to play its role while maintaining the acoustic and vibration comfort. In this context, the material itself is now at the heart of the today’s drastic weight reduction challenge. New multi-scale tools and methodologies approaches are necessary to tackle this new breakthrough requirement together with economical constraints.

The conference was devoted to materials contributing to damping, sound absorption and sound insulation, such as porous, viscoelastic and composite materials. A specific focus was given on the link between product (chemistry), process, microstructure and overall multiphysics performance. The conference has provided the opportunity for material producers, material transformers, Original Equipment Manufacturers
(OEMs) as well as researchers, in the field of both materials and mechanics, to exchange on these topics.

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