9th Conference on Powder Science and Technologies

Following the previous conferences on the same theme, the 9th Conference on Powder Science and Technologies aims at allowing the attendees - whether they are academics, industrialists and/or equipment makers to meet, exchange and update their knowledge and also be informed of the latest scientific and technological progress in the field. The conference will take place July 3-5, 2018 on the UTC campus.

Divided solid matters constitute a non-negligible fraction of products, of intermediate or final products in industrial sectors. Powders are at the core of numerous industrial applications such as pharmaceutics, cosmetics, chemistry, agro-food products, materials, energy and the environment. The scientific and technological issues addressed associated with the characterization of such complex media and the handling processes are being investigated under a vast pluridisciplinary field of research and engineering, including process and product engineering, the science of materials, physics, physico-chemistry of dispersed milieus and solid state chemistry.

All sectors of application are covered by the Conference and papers/contribution are invited under the following thematic heading:

  • Powder and suspensions synthesis processes
  • Treatment and handling processes
  • Powder manipulation and implementation
  • Reactivity, fluid/solid Reactors
  • Characterization of powders and suspensions
  • Hygiene, safety, toxicity, on health and the environment
  • Nanoparticles et nanostructured materials
  • Physics of granular media
  • Modelling of dispersed systems

More here about the Conference and registration of proposed abstracts

Attention: abstracts must be received by deadline date : February 15, 2018