Complex System Engineering (MSCI)

The objectives of the UTC Master’s degree specialty "Complex system engineering" (MSCI) consist of providing skills that enable characterization and understanding to set up innovative computer-service sector companies using a systemic multidisciplinary approach, over and above a strong, basic engineering qualification.

Computer sciences and applications, automation and control, robotics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, biomechanics and bio-engineering

The connotation of technological systems of systems (S2T) refers to interconnected autonomous technological systems. Thus an S2T is a system in which the components also constitute autonomous systems that interact to carry out certain assigned tasks.

The objective of the MSCI Master at UTC is to train in specialists that add to the 'Labex' Control of system of systems, involving three UTC research units (with CNRS affiliations): UTC-BMBI, Heudiasyc and UTC-Roberval):

Excellence grants for Master’s degree applicants

If you are a French (or non-French) student wishing to follow a government certified 'excellence' course at UTC and benefit from the university's 'excellence clusters', you may be eligible for a grant to attend the Complex Interacting Systems Master's degree under the 'labex' MS2T (Control of Technological Systems of Systems).

UTC proposes - in the framework of the French Government's incentive programme Investments for the Future - grants for student applicants with very high quality credentials, for one of the three MSCI specialties: TIS, SMA or BMBI

Grant procedure

These grants are for M2 level admission, 800 €/month for a 10 month period (to covert theoretical classwork attendance and the end-of-studies project placement).

A special admission commission assesses applications and sends the application file to potential grantees. If you feel you could qualify, please do not hesitate to apply.


Responsable Master
Pierre Morizet
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Francoise Meresse
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Pascale Charpentier
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Laurie Herlin
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