Specialty - Technologies for Information Processing and Systems Analysis, ICTs (TIS)

The Master’s degree specialty ‘Information and Communications Technologies) (TIS)’, focuses on software aspects of autonomous interacting technological systems. Examples here are smart vehicles communicating in real-time with each other traffic and with the roadside infrastructures, squadron formation flight drones or real-time data handling sensors.

Training contents

The course contents cover the skills needed to handle systems of systems, notably in optimization, operational research (OR), safety factors, supervision and system monitoring, data analysis and fusion, machine learning protocols ... robot control and navigation, perception, sensing and on-board vision, system networks.

Courses also rely on access to various UTC -MS2T Labex equipment (SyNeMus, PILCAM2) and Equipex equipment (Robotex, Figures).

Professional Openings

Numerous opportunities exist for professional activities in the automobile and railroad sectors, logistics and land transport, defence and security environments, distributed computer systems and education.

European Master in Engineering for Complex and Interacting Systems (EMECIS)

The University of Genoa (UNIGE, Italy) and University of Technology in Compiègne (UTC - Sorbonne Universités, France) have respectively signed an agreement for the activation of a common curriculum of studies named "European Master in Engineering for Complex and Interacting Systems " (EMECIS).

EMECIS is a course of study which aims at training engineers to become specialists in the field of complex and interacting systems, such as, for example, various interacting systems present in transportation domain, and in processes related to industrial safety in the autonomous driving.

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Responsable de la spécialité
Philippe Bonnifait
Phone : 03 44 23 44 81 | Contact by email

Responsable Master
Pierre Morizet
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Francoise Meresse
Phone : 03 44 23 79 53 | Contact by email

Formation continue
Phone : 03 44 23 46 29

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