Specialty - Quality and Performance assessment in Organizations (QPO)

The service sector covers a wide range of extremely varied professional activities (production, health, finance, culture, education, research …) and represents over 70% of all employment positions and wealth created in France. The sector is characteristic of how Society and the corporate world are evolving today in the context of global economic competition. Service management calls for the use of scientifically robust approaches, based on continuous improvement techniques, awareness and integration of human factors, risk anticipation and control of interactions between the systems and the actors.

Training aims

The objective of QPO is to train efficient actors for the implementation and accompaniment of quality assessment, performance improvement and handling change for all sorts of organizations and services whether they be private or public, or mixed.

Training targets

There are 4 main domains:

  • The enterprise and its ecosystem
  • Basics of information processing systems
  • Technological and innovation trends
  • Communication (ICTs) and Manpower Resources


The QPO specialty Master's degree adds specific skills and knowledge about quality assessment and associate social sciences to a previously acquired solid background (degree level training, or a master's degree in science, management, organization, health, social studies) or to a professional grounding (continuous education for staff members). The course also includes collective, 'integrative' projects or long individual placements.

Course contents (overview)

Year M1 contents are common to the various specialties under "Engineering of Services and Systems".

In year M2, the first semester comprises modular courses covering the skills needed for quality assessment professions. The second semester of M2 is devoted to a placement in an organization, a company or a laboratory either in France or elsewhere. Languages courses and general culture upgrade courses are also given.

The academic teaching team

The high-level training provided in the QPO specialty relies on the existence of scientific research skills as held by the scientists in certain UTC research units: UTC-BMBI (Biomechanics and Bio-engineering), UTC-HEUDIASYC (Heuristics and diagnosis of complex systems), UTC-COSTECH (Knowledge, organization and technology intensive systems), UTC-TIMR ( Integrated transformation of renewable matter), UTC-CQP2I (design and quality of products and processes), quality-research partnerships with HE networks (QUARES), with the CNRS (QeR), with INSERM (IRQ) ...

More than 100 socio-economic partners propose training courses in quality and standardization in all production sector for goods and service sectors

Professional Openings

European regulations for certification and accreditation needs executives capable of undertaking and implementing quality and performance practice. The positions that future QPO graduates will occupy is at the crossroads of management, technologies and services.


Responsable de la spécialité
Gilbert Farges
Phone : 03 44 23 44 58 | Contact by email

Responsable Master
Pierre Morizet
Contact by email

Francoise Meresse
Phone : 03 44 23 79 53 | Contact by email

Formation continue
Phone : 03 44 23 46 29

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