European thematic school on: State of the art on Powder caking

Centre Pierre Guillaumat - 2 and 3 July, 2020

The objective of this thematic school is to bring together the various university and industrial stakeholders in the field of powder science and technology to draw up a state of knowledge on the latest significant advances and the multiple questions linked to the complex subject of powder caking.

During these days, around fifteen Key lectures (30-40 minutes) are scheduled covering the various aspects relating to the powders caking phenomenon, from the basic mechanisms to the end-use properties:

  • Fundamentals of caking (thermodynamics, physical-chemistry, stacking, consolidation, interparticle forces,...)
  • Different types and elementary mechanisms (mechanical, thermal, wet, phase transition, ...) 
  • Characterization methods (micro, meso and macro scales)
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Industrial issues and preventive measures (case study, anti-caking agents, ...)

Poster communications are also expected on broader themes relating to handling, processing, characterization and modeling of powders. Exhibition stands are also provided for scientific instrument manufacturers.

List of key lecturers:

  • Prof. Michael ADAMS - University of Birmingham, UK
    Atomistic and coarse-gained modelling of the effects of moisture on pharmaceutical polymeric excipients

  • Dr Zahra AFRASSIABIAN - Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France
    Multi-scale study of caking of polymorphic powders due to phase transition

  • Prof. Michael BRADLEY - University of Greenwich, UK

  • Prof. Jean-Claude CHARPENTIER - Université de Lorraine, France
    Product engineering and end-use properties: what about powders?

  • Dr. Laurent FORNY - Centre de recherche de Nestlé - Lausanne, Suisse
    Mechanisms of caking in food applications - Recent and future challenges

  • Tim FREEMAN - Managing Director at Freeman Technology, UK
    Quantifying the influence of Caking and Crusting in Powders through the Measurement of Powder Flow Properties

  • Prof. Claire GAIANI - Université de Lorraine, France
    Particle surface of a key parameter able to govern powder functionality?

  • Dr Nathalie GARAPIN - SOLVAY, France
    Industrial case studies in Solvay-Rhodia processes

  • Dr Pablo GARCIA-TRINANES - University of Greenwich, UK
    Natural and bio-sourced anti-caking and flowability agents

  • Prof. Mojtaba GHADIRI - University of Leeds, UK
    Dr Umair ZAFAR - Novartis AG, Basel, Switzerland
    Assesment and Analysis of Moisture-Induced Caking by Ball Indentation Method

  • Dr Alessandro GIANFRANCESCO - Nestlé Product Technology Centre Dairy, Switzerland
    How to improve caking stability of sensitive food powders

  • Prof. Stefan LUDING - University of Twente, Netherland
    Powder cohesion across the scales - experiments and models

  • Dr. Philippe Marchal/Prof. Véronique Falk - Université de Lorraine, France
    Rheological determination of cohesive powders stickiness

  • Prof. Gabrie MEESTERS - Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
    Industrial issues and preventing solutions

  • Prof. Khashayar SALEH - Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France
    An overview on powders caking

  • Prof. Agba SALMAN - University of Sheffield, UK
    Cohesion forces between primary particles

  • Prof. Frantisek STEPANEK - University of Chemistry and Technology of Prague, Czech Rep.
    Meso-scale modelling of desintegration and de-lumping of multicomponent powders

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