UTC Campus-Enterprise Partnerships

For the purpose of creating long term partnerships with the entrepreneurial world, changing the apprentice tax into an investment, UTC has set up a specific set of tools and structures to support the university’s partnership policy as a whole. These tools and structures encourage the emergence of a trustworthy, sustainable relationship between the university and enterprises in terms of both manpower resources and partnership research potential.

Since UTC was created, it has always been working on student-industrialist networks. You have the ambition to recruit UTCéens or simply working on your employer brand, we can help you. For this, several solutions are possible through our catalog of service offerings , 'à la carte' or with conventionnement. We can then build a customized partnership according to your expectations and your needs. 

Several offers are available:

  • Standard service catalogue 'à la carte': technical conference, speed recruitment, visits to companies, emailing...

  • "silver" partnership: a consolidated partnership on one or more years

  • "premium" partnership: a customized consolidated partnership on one or more years

Together, we will define the most in line offer with your request!

Comutec: the annual student-enterprise forum

The 'Comutec Forum'https://comutec.org/forum, organised by a UTC student association with the same name, hosts representatives from about 100 companies at the Tigre (a combined concert and exhibition hall), Margny-lès-Compiègne.

This forum of exchanges and meetings is intended to:

  • facilitate meetings between candidates curriculum Engineer, Master or Doctorate and corporate recruitment opportunities : internships, apprenticeship, VI, employment
  • increase employer brand businesses by presenting the activities, professions and values

This event is organized every year in October and registrations begin in May.


Partenariat Campus - Entreprise
Marion Lecostey
Phone : 03 44 23 73 94 | Contact by email

Forum Etudiants / Entreprises Comutec
Phone : 03 44 23 49 58 | Contact by email

Recruiting trainees

Industrial/commercial placements have always played a key role in the UTC training offer, as an integral part of the pedagogical approach. Every year, UTC signs over 1 700 placement agreements. Student engineers are required to spend 52 weeks in enterprise during their stay at UTC: 4 weeks in the Core programme phase (before Bac+2), 24 weeks at Bac+4 to do their assistant engineer placement and 24 weeks for their end-of-studies assignment.

The host companies willingly recognize the level of self-reliance and adaptability displayed by UTC undergraduates, their appetite for technologies and innovations as well as possessing a gift for understanding the corporate world globally and in all its complexity.

Recruiting a sandwich scheme trainee

UTC proposes 2 sandwich course contracts:

You can recruit a student-engineer in Mechanical Engineering or in Computer Sciences and Applications for a 3-year training cursus.

You can recruit a student-engineer in Mechanical Engineering or in Computer Sciences and Applications for his/her final year of training.


Boris Vidolov
Phone : 03 44 23 52 49 | Contact by email

Karine Sliwak
Phone : 03 44 23 49 56 | Contact by email

Tremplin, the UTC alumni association

The creation of the Tremplin UTC alumni association goes back to the time of the establishment of the university (1982). Its role and mission is to federate the alumni community and to promote their specific interests in the surrounding socio-economic environment and also to provide them with professional serve and invitation to various 'events'.

Job offers and 'VI' activities (see below Volunteers) that target the UTC graduates are managed by the Tremplin association. Professional openings and offers can be addressed to: emploi.utc(at)tremplin-utc.net 

Attention! If you are a UTC graduate, you can lodge your request for opportunities directly from your personal UTC account to the association via www.tremplin-utc.asso.fr 

Approximately 2 500 graduates connect to the Tremplin site every month.

Tremplin UTC proposes other services, to accompany you if you engage in personal job search activities (the alumni directory service, targeted e-mailing campaigns ...).

Recruiting UTC (under)graduates, VI

UTC has the mission to adapt the profiles of the engineers it trains to fit the changing socio-economic global context today. Apart from technical change, the skills transmitted to UTC students in social sciences and humanities are to be seen as an introduction to a 'reflex' mode whereby they can imagine and face unknown situations. In short, their tools and methodologies prepare them to envisage, foresee and be actors in emergent innovations.

Whether the criteria are in training quality, research activities and results, or in the open policy to the international scene, UTC regularly rates among the very best engineering schools in France.

We recall that UTC trains 'generalist engineers' who are self-reliant, full of initiative, ready to accept responsibilities and engage in team-work in complex projects in an international setting. The elective specialists at UTC are:

  • Bio-engineering: biological processes and life sciences to be used on an industrial scale; equipment needed in medical practice, in biotechnological industrial sectors, in pharmaceutics, cosmetics and agro-food sectors.
  • Process engineering: knowledge and know-how needed for the industrial transformation of natural or synthetic raw materials into marketable products after a series of treatments.
  • Computer sciences and software: future actors of the digital revolution that is impacting all sectors of the economy, "generalist" engineers capable of analysing the needs, proposing solutions and managing/supervising their implementation.
  • Mechanical engineering: a balanced training with a solid scientific/technological base, a high level of general culture, an open view of the corporate world and an excellent grounding in at last one foreign language. Design and assembly of machines, equipment, structures and all sorts of mechanical systems that incorporate various technologies: mechanical, electronic, computer science, optical ...
  • Masters' degrees and PhDs: training graduates who will be ready for current and future problems in research and cutting edge industries.

› Moreover, 2% of the students and recent graduates from UTC accept positions as International Volunteers (in enterprises abroad).

The International volunteer “VI” scheme

The International Volunteers scheme aims at hiring students for a professional mission outside France while retaining a statutory public authority protection; the mission is equivalent (and accepted as) an end-of-studies project. The schemes targets students, recent graduates, job-seekers, aged 18-28, French (or EU) nationality and who have discharged (where applicable) their military (or civilian) national service obligations.

For UTC students, part of the Volunteers scheme (equivalent to 6 months internship) must be assessed as in line with UTC training curricula and will be duly approved as such by the student's elective specialty representatives.

› More at: www.civiweb.com  

USEC, UTC’s in-house student company (Junior Enterprise)

USEC negotiates contracts with various companies, on behalf of and offering the potential services of the 4 000 UTC student-engineers in Compiegne. The studies accepted and implemented provide an added pedagogical value and comply with the range of specialty topics taught at UTC.

To be fully successful, the students receive support from their lecturers and research scientists at UTC to carry out complex operations and analyses and they have an access (via ESEC) to the research labs and prototype workshops. There are currently over 60 'junior entrepreneurs' working at USEC (status- ESEC is a "1901 law" association)


Accueil Tremplin UTC
Phone : 03 44 23 52 46 | Contact by email

Support UTC through the Apprentice Tax is consolidating training and ensure the recruitment of competent and versatile staff.


Chargée de la taxe d'apprentissage
Corinne Ledrappier
Phone : 03 44 23 49 00 | Contact by email