Engineering core programme in Mexico

UTC-Compiegne offers a core engineering programme scheduled at the Franco-Mexican du Lycée in Mexico City, in a partnership with the Institut Polytechnique National (IPN).

Course presentation

The proposed course runs for 2 years, at the Franco-Mexican Lycée in Mexico City, the largest French Lycée abroad and allows the students to pursue afterwards their studies at UTC-Compiegne, UTT-Troyes or at UTBM- Belfort Montbeliard.

The French students who matriculate for this course* at the beginning of the post-Bac training stand to gain a rich experience, notably those who already have a well-thought out project in view and who have a good mastery of Spanish. The ultimate goal is to train and turn out bi-cultural engineers increasing the mobility factor for young people between France and Mexico. /

*Teaching is done by staff from the French lycées, from UTC and from the partner universities (notably IPN).

Students who choose to pursue studies at UTC-Compiegne will be allowed to apply for admission to one of the following academic departments - Bio-engineering (GB), Computer sciences and applications (GI), Mechanical engineering (GM), Process Engineering (GP) and Urban System Engineering (GSU).

So why Mexico in particular?

The policy decision to set up a campus in Mexico was motivated by several factors. Firstly, the country itself is a strategic platform between South America and the USA, which gar two influential world regions. Moreover, Mexico has a robust economy, as the 2nd Latin American, economy and 14th in the world, is a member of the OECD and has already signed free-exchange agreements with about 40 countries (including the USA, Canada and the EU).

Mexico also is currently the most competitive country from an economic standpoint, with three development pillars, oil production, industry (new technological sectors, automobile, agro-food and heavy industry and the service sectors (tourism, AV and Communications). Moreover, there is an ongoing background of Franco-Mexican partnership agreements notably with some of the major French companies based in Mexico (Saint-Gobain, Thales, Safran, Alstom, Airbus Helicopter, Total...).

A next generation campus

UTC-Compiegne continues to strengthen its international notoriety and image with two campus (one in China, one in Chile) already set up and operational and new partnerships signed with dozens of other countries.

For the time being, only the core programme is on offer in Mexico, but the long range objective will be to offer a complete engineering training course, to strengthen cooperation in academic research and in partnerships with the socio-economic environment. It is also envisage to deliver a double degree programme with the IPN.

As is the case for the outpost-campus in Chile, the Mexican project comes under the heading "PITES" (acronym for Triangular HE International Projects) the aim of which is to enable students to apply for further education & training in France for all graduates from the French lycées abroad.

CC= course credits

Semester #1

  • Real variable functions (MT21 - 6 CC)
  • Mechanical physics (PS21 - 6 CC)
  • Metrology (primer) (PS01 - 6 CC)
  • Draughtsmanship (primer) (TN01 - 6 CC)
  • Digital and classic "comm" technologies (SI07 - 4 CC)
  • English language, level 1 (LA11)

Semester #2

  • Several real variable functions and applications (MT22- 6 CC)
  • Chemistry, general overview (CM11 - 6 C)
  • Algorithmics and programming (NF01 - 6 CC)
  • Project implementation (TN04 - 6 CC)
  • Market-place and corporate Socio-economics (SI03 - 4 CC)
  • English language, level 2 (LA12 - 4 CC)

Semester #3

  • Linear algebra and applications (MT23 - 6 CC)
  • Probabilities (primer) (SY01 - 6 CC)
  • Solid-state mechanical engineering structures (PS22 - 6 CC) or Organic Chemistry (CM13 - 6 CC)
  • Mechanical engineering design (primer) (TN02 - 6 CC) or Personal Project Implementation (5 CC)
  • Cultural Diversity in a digital era (SI17 - 4 CC)
  • English language, level 3 (LA13 - 4 CC)

Semester #4

  • Transmission of mechanical forces (TN06 - 6 CC) or Biology for Engineers (BL01 - 6 CC)
  • Mechanical assembly & manufacturing (TN03 - 6 CC) or Bio systems and Bio Physics (BL09 - 6 CC)
  • Waves and electromagnetism (PS23 - 6 CC)
  • EDP (electronic data processing) (NF92 - 4 CC)
  • Philosophy in science (HE02 - 4 CC)
  • English language, level 4 (LA14 - 4 CC)

Inter-semester activities

  • Between Semester #1 and Semester #2 : Work* position placement (TN05 - 6 CC) /* as an unskilled operative
  • Between Semester #3 and Semester #4

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