The UTC Foundation for Innovation

The proclaimed objective of the "UTC Foundation for Innovation" is to strengthen the connivance that is largely supported between Higher Education establishments and the socio-economic spheres and to anticipate environmental change.

The university-based UTC Foundation has put 5 Meuros on the table.

Amon the first donators (some for whom are already members of the Founder's circle), we note:

  • The UTC alumni and UTC staff members

The funds raised in the first campaign enabled UTC to financially support:

  • Two research programmes

› a programme in predictive toxicology/eco-toxicology

› creation of an institute of mechatronics; the latter will combine teaching and research activities (creation of an 'Excellence' Chair in Hydraulics and Mechatronics), with research and development (a Hydraulic-Mechatronics platform) as well as a Technology Transfer activity.

  • A programme of international Mobility aimed at enhancing international attractiveness

› Aid to incoming mobility: students ('excellence' grants for non-French students) and personnel (grants to make UTC courses and programmes more international-intensive);

› aid to outgoing mobility: students -promotion of double diploma possibilities) and personnel (short stays abroad and summer school participation);

› occasional grants to facilitate the welcome and integration of non-French students in UTC.

  • A programme to improve Campus conditions/Societal responsibility

› Diversity and citizenship: to develop a social, societal and citizen policy (to facilitate access to university level studies for applicants with a vulnerable background, aids for accommodation...)

› Territorial positioning: to promote establishment commitment and with a high level challenge for enterprises and Society in a context where younger generation are turning away from sciences, industry and entrepreneurship.

  • A maturation fund to financially support innovative initiatives taken by students and to accompany them to present market ready products/services

Ambitious objectives pursued via the partnership foundation

The UTC Foundation is pursuing its objective to support priority, innovative UTC projects by transformation of the university foundation into a partnership foundation, assuring a co-construction of major foundation projects.

The offer to enterprise is oriented in compliance with the UTV principle on the continuum training/research/innovation.


Open Campus 2020: the aim of which is to offer a 24/7 open digitized, worldwide environment, conducive to setting up original alliances, to face up to the real-world complexity and train agile minded strategists for a changing world scene. For this purpose:

  • UTC initiated the Technology and Humanities (HuTech) cursus, to anticipate on the way tomorrow's engineers work is changing. The objective is to move from 24 to 100 seats offered by the start of academic year 2018-2019. Moreover, internationally recognized lecturer and professor will be invited to reinforce UTC's interdisciplinary dynamics.
  • transforming the PhD school into a professionally oriented institution
  • development of the Campus & Learning Centre: enabling its students to evolve in a global environment, for which aim UTC wishes to reinforce all forms of student, lecturer, contents, mobility.


You and Us Living Lab: the aim of which is to accelerate development of inter-disciplinary Research-Innovation partnerships generating:

  • industrial, scale 1, demonstrators, such as the Connected Micro-Factory, the Biomedical Foyer, Green Chemistry ...;
  • special Research & Training Chairs: to develop even further expertise in innovation on expert themes.


My Business Ecosystem: UTC, as a member of the Compiegne city ecosystem, which qualified as the most " business friendly " of French cities in its category, wishes to improve its already excellent visibility in terms of innovative activities, through:

  • The creation of a Maturation Fund
  • 'Excellence' Project Grants, thanks to which, over a one year period, 2 to 5 persons from anywhere in the world can be invited to work on various technologies at the cutting edge of pure technology, for the purpose of developing a project on a theme that is defined on an annual basis.
  • Development of the Innovative Start-up Company Incubator and associate Grants scheme.

If you are interested in participating in the UTC Partnership Foundation, why not become a sponsor?

There are three levels of sponsorship:

  • Being an occasional sponsor to support specific UTC initiatives, over a short period of time. For example, 'excellence' grants, purchasing of equipment, skills sponsorships, ...
  • A plurennial sponsorship enabling you to make a long-term commitment to UTC for the development of a strategic theme that will improve the level of competiveness of your company
  • Becoming a UTC Foundation Founder Member, which is the most developed form of institutional alliance with UTC. Over and above various exclusive advantages, this form of contract gives you a say in the way the Foundation is governed, about choice of investments that you advocate personally as well as a pre-competitive direct access to a unique multi-partner co-operative platform.

Benefit from attractive fiscal measures

The "UTC Foundation for Innovation" allows donator-sponsors to benefit from tax rebates for amounts made over to Foundations recognized as being of in "public interest":

  • Financial sponsors, making offers in kind or in skills

› Fiscal advantages: for each donation to the Foundation, a corporate tax rebate of 60% of the value of the donation (with a limit set at 0.5% of the annual turnover which can be spread over 5 fiscal years following the year of the donation).

› Examples - a donation of 100 000 € will cost you 40 000 € after a tax rebate in relation to an ISF. [nota bene - the 'ISF' is the regularly debated (i.e., controversial) French supertax on fortunes] - a donation of 5 000 € will cost you 2 000 € after a tax rebate in relation to an ISF.

  • A tax rebate of 66% of the donation, with a limit at 20% of the taxable revenues

› Example: a donation of 1 000 € will actually cost 340 € after income tax reduction is operated.

  • The ISF tax can be decreased by up to 75% of the donation with a limit at 50 000 €

› Example: for a donation of 5 000 €, your French ISF tax will be reduced by 3 750 €.


Fondation UTC pour l'Innovation
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