An innovative International School

There will be 3 different types of modular course :

Module 1 Intensive French language training

(July 3-28 / July 31-August 25, 2017) including technico-cultural outings each


Module 2 Laboratory placements in:

Bioeconomy : production of renewable biological resources and their conversion into food,

feed, bio-based products and bioenergy. It includes agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and

pulp and paper production, as well as parts of chemical, biotechnological and energy industries

and all their respective service areas.

Intelligent Mobility : interconnections made between a range of different industries and

technologies (vehicle manufacturing, electronic sensors and controls, transport information

systems, communications technologies, logistics and distribution, infrastructure management).

Health Technology : application of organized knowledge and skills (mechanics,

electronics, computer science, physiology,…) in the form of devices, medicines, procedures and

systems developed to understand or solve a health problem or improve quality of lives. Domain

of application in the lab : musculo-skeletal systems, cardiovascular system, artificial organs,


Time allotted depends on the subjects chosen (included in the period Mid-May – End of July).

The objective of this module is to allow the student-trainees to complete a short research

project in one of the UTC’s laboratories.

Module 3 Science and culture seminars

International School “Culinary science for tastier, healthier food”

(July 17-28, 2017) including technico-cultural outings each Wednesday.

This two-week summer school is an innovative combination of food science, nutrition

and French gastronomy. The latest trends and knowledge in gastronomy science will

be addressed theoretically and directly applied to the preparation of famous French

dishes and desserts during cooking workshops at our culinary platform. After a first

week dedicated to learning how to master the food texture, the gained knowledge will

be applied to enhance the nutritional profile of food. By mastering the food texture,

innovative technological solutions will be proposed and used to prepare healthier

version of world-wide known French specialties.

International school “Creative Interaction for dance,

music, painting” (June 26-July 9, 2017) including technico-cultural

outings each Wednesday: learn fundamentals of interaction in a virtual

context and develop artistic creations.

Because of its immersive dimension, Virtual Reality inaugurates a new

exploration in creative interaction and art. This summer school will propose

an introduction to dance, music and painting application with Virtual

Reality interfaces. The students will have the opportunity to understand

what are the challenges and tools to go further in experiencing presence

and immersion in virtual environments. They will be able to use a HMD

(Oculus, HTC Vive), a four walls immersive room (CAVE), and tracking