The International Metrology Conference 2017

The International Metrology Conference (CIM) will be organised Sept. 19-21 (CIM 2017) at the Porte de Versailles, Paris, exhibition area.

CIM is a unique venue for all publics and all sectors: from industyrial metrology users, to technical, standing at the cross-roads of industrial applications and R&D, with experts in this specialty field, with public and private research laboratories, manufactures and service companies.

CIM 2017 will enable attendees:

  • to improve on metrology protocols, analysis and tests to better control associate risk factors,
  • to follow and update on metrology techniques, progress in R&D and the industrial implications of progress here.

Focus will be on: Metrology 4.0 and Future Factories, the new ISO 17025 standard, metrology for use in bio-labs, in health and the pharmaceutical sector, in energy related issues and nanotechnologies. 

CIM2017 is a joint organization, shared between ENOVA, the exhibition for Electronic technologies, IoT (= internet of things), Metrology, Vision and Optics.

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