The UTC-COSTECH Lab has officially launched its on-line journal “Cahiers Costech”, presenting research work in an open access format!

The “Cahiers COSTECH” is neither a classic scientific journal (still in vogue), nor a “Research Release Notes” announcing recent laboratory news and findings, but is experimenting a novel editorial approach, throwing value-adding light on research work in its intermediate stages (with scientific reviewing and assessments), published here in an open access format (including re-editing of already existing publications that are not easy to access), and encouraging an organizational and intellectual pluralism that allows the research scientists in charge of each subject category to define their own scientific agendas, types of publication they deem relevant and the way the documents are to be reviewed and assessed.

This N°1 issue inaugurates the editorial set-up devised by UTC-Costech Lab, approved both at its General Assembly and at the Laboratory Advisory Council’s meeting, following several months sharing reflections about what scientific communication forms were most relevant in a digital editing era and taking forthcoming open-access to publications into account.

To meet the requisites for a successful launch, this first issue presents a large proportion of work from inside UTC-Costech Laboratory but the Cahiers will now proceed with calls for contributions to all research scientists working in similar technology-intensive research in social sciences and humanities.

If you wish to consult the “Cahiers COSTECH”, click here.