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PRECIP is a French project funded by the Picardy Region (nov. 2009 – nov. 2013).

Goals of the project

The generic goal of this project is to analyse and support the development of digital writing practices (whether hypertextual, multimedia, collaborative…) in the Picardy area (North of Paris) and thus contribute to bridging the digital divide.

The scientific goal is to unveil the specificities of digital writing as well as the skills that need to be taught to master it.

The operational goal is the development of innovative digital writing practices in Education and lifelong learning.


  • Digital writing is a specific form of writing.
  • Its specificity lies in the properties of the theoretical level of the digital, namely discretisation and manipulation.
  • These properties can be taught.

Research questions

  • Can  an understanding of the  theoretical level of the digital and  the pursuit of creative activities – both requiring reflexivity -  have an impact on the quality of digital writing practices?
  • How should the specificities of digital writing be represented so as to be translated into teaching contents and activities?
  • How are the specificities of digital writing  to be taught considering the variety of contexts and people?


On the theoretical level of the digital:

  • The understanding  of the theoretical level of the digital provides the reflexivity needed to develop digital writing practices and to build meaning on them.

On creative practices:

  • The analysis and practice of digital artistic and literary works provides reflexivity on digital writing practices.

Presentation of the Project (nov. 2010)
Precip: audit-24-11-2010

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