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SEMINAIRE LABEX MS2T du 8 Septembre 2015

Lors du séminaire du Labex MS2T du 8 septembre 2015, nous avons eu le plaisir d’écouter un exposé de Dan Istrate, titulaire de la Chaire E-Biomed (Laboratoire BMBI, UTC), sur le thème :

EBiomed Chair : Ambient assisting living and biomedical connected objects

Résumé de l’exposé :

The main objective of EBiomed Chair is to accelerate the development of the eHealth research program as part of the IUIS (Institut Universitaire d’Ingénierie pour la Santé) more specifically through the scientific program : developing connected biomedical tools (targets : the chronically diseases, pregnant women, elderly, functional rehabilitation) while integrating the human sciences (usability, acceptability, ergonomics, …). The two main axis of the chair program are : biomedical connected tools and robotics for eHealth. An integration living lab platform is developed in the framework of Innovation Center of UTC.
The two main topics of the presentation are : the sound environment analysis in order to recognize everyday life sounds using pattern recognition algorithms (GMM, HMM) and multimodal data fusion through two different approaches : fuzzy logic and evidential networks.
The developed system in the frameworks of EMonitor’age project will be presented like an example.
The main scientific aspects which will be developed are : biomedical signal processing, pattern recognition, multimodal data fusion taking into account the uncertainties, multisystem collaboration.