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PhiTeCo :
Séminaire Interdisciplinaire Philosophie Technologie Cognition
du 21 au 25 janvier 2013

Since 1998, the CRED (Cognitive Research and Enaction Design) carries out technological research which articulates human science, design and philosophical thought, in accordance with the general scientific policy of the Technological University of Compiegne (UTC). The aim is to link this particular sort of research with various domains of engineering, taking care that neither shall be reduced to the other.

In addition, the ambition is to carry out research that is sensitive to the natural, social and cognitive quality of the environment. The CRED, a research team which has always been profoundly interdisciplinary ever since its creation ten years ago, therefore organizes its research projects to meet exacting requirements concerning:

  • the scientific and philosophical aspects of the question of cognition ;
  • technological standards, in particular the design of “perceptual supplementation” devices
  • social aspects, paying particular attention to questions of accessibility, ethics and shared values