OMAS Documents

Open Multi-Agent System

OMAS is a  multi-agent platform developed at UTC which allows prototyping systems of cognitive agents. It works currently on Windows platforms using ACL 9.0.

Software Downloads

OMAS-MOSS Release 12.0.0 (ACL 9.0 - zip 3.2Mb)

The latest OMAS beta version includes new features among which the possibility to access the OMAS platform in a client/server configuration, the possibility of connecting to a FIPA platform easily, and the possibility to use a Web Editor from a browser (bÍta version, see attached documentation).

OMAS-MOSS Release 13.0 (ACL 10.0 - zip 3.6Mb)


OMAS v8 Features (pdf 500K)

This document presents the main features of the OMAS platform.

OMAS v10 User Manual (pdf 5.2Mo)

Applies to Windows XP and Windows 7.

OMAS Vocal Interface (pdf 187Ko)

Gives some examples for implementing a vocal interface.

OMAS Postman Note (pdf 260Ko)

Describes the new defpostman macro for creating transfer agents.

OMAS Web Editor Manual (pdf 278Ko)

Describes how to use the new Web Editor from the end-user point of view.

OMAS Web Editor Programming (pdf 269Ko)

Describes the new Web Editor from the application designer point of view.
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last modified 3/2/2018