My creation “Loss of Grasp” is selected in the electronic literature anthology ELC volume 4:

Curatorial theme: “Texts of Discomfort”

With Nohelia Meza, “Translating a Web-based Work of Digital Literature into Several Languages: Issues and Feedback”

Déprise / Loss of Grasp ( or is now available in 10 different languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Polish, Arabic and Chinese! Many thanks to the translators!

fred, an interactive story for smartphones developed with UTC engineering students, was selected for the exhibition at Hof in September as part of ACM Hypertext 2019.

Exhibition site:, curated by Dene Grigar.

To test fred:

Play Store:
App Store:

fred is an interactive fiction for smartphones. In this application, the smartphone addresses the user as if he were his “friend”, wishing to establish an emotional relationship. The experiment relies on the smartphone’s many sensors (touch screen, front-facing camera, microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer).
Fred allows, through interactions, to become aware of the constraints and possibilities of our smartphone, but also to reflect on the relationship we have with this object.

Here are two demo videos of some interactions:
5dTQgcQI (French)

July 15: StoryFace premiere presented at the Electronic Literature Organization in Cork