Anne-Virginie SALSAC

CNRS Researcher (DR2)

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Team leader: Biological Fluid Structure Interactions


CNRS - Université de Technologie de Compiègne, Sorbonne Université
Bioengineering Department
Biomechanics and Bioengineering Laboratory (BMBI, UMR CNRS 7338)  

Address:     Biomechanics and Bioengineering Laboratory
                   Université de Technologie de Compiègne
                   CS 60319, 60203 Compiègne,  FRANCE

Tel:             +33 (0)3 44 23 73 38
Fax:            +33 (0)3 44 23 79 42
Email:          a.salsac@utc.fr



2000                Engineering degree from ENSHMG – Ecole Nationale d’Hydraulique et Mécanique de Grenoble (France)

2001                Master of Science, University of California, San Diego (USA)

2005                Ph.D., University of California, San Diego (USA). Joint degree with École Polytechnique (France)

2007                PGCHE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education), University College London

2013                Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Université de Technologie de Compiègne


Present positions

Since 2007      Researcher at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) in the Biomechanics and Bioengineering Laboratory (UMR CNRS 7338), Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France).  

Since 2014     Visiting Professor, Institute of Bioengineering, Queen Mary University of London, London (UK).

Past positions

2006 – 2007    Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College London (UK)

2007 – 2011    Invited Researcher, Mechanical Engineering Department, University College London, Londres, Angleterre.



2000               Irwin and Joan Jacobs Fellow. Graduate Fellowship. UCSD.

2002 – 2004   Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards, Mechanical & Aerospace Eng. Dept, UCSD.

2005               2 Best Poster Prices (Jacobs School of Engineering Best + ASME). UCSD Research Expo.

2005               Dissertation Fellowship, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, UCSD.

2005               Best Poster Price, 2005 Bioengineering Conference, Vail, Colorado.

Since 2011     Scientific Excellence Allowance (Prime d’Excellence Scientifique), CNRS.

2013               Best oral presentation. Euromech Colloquium 544, Grenoble, France.

2013               Young Researcher Award, Société de Biomécanique

2014               Invited Professor, Queen Mary University of London (UK)

2015               CNRS Bronze Medal

2015               ‘Trophée des Femmes en Or’ Innovation category + ‘Trophée du Public’ 

2016                Ordre National du Mérite (French National Order of Merit)

2017                Promotion “Jeunes Talents 2017” du CNRS

2017                ERC Consolidator grant



My research is in the field of biofluids applied to vascular mechanics, microcirculation and biomedical engineering applications. It is focused on the study of physiological flows, coupling experimental and numerical approaches. I am interested in the fluid-structure interactions between blood flow and deformable structures (vessel wall, stent/graft, capsule or cell membrane, etc) and their coupling with other multiphysics phenomena (mass transfer, active stimulation such as ultrasounds, chemical reactions). I associate experimental, theoretical and numerical modelling to study the vascular system in a biomimetic approach and bioartificial system in a bioinspired approach. I work on the prediction of the system dynamic behaviour and develop patient- or object-specific techniques of characterization of their mechanical properties coupling experiments and theory.

-        At the microscopic scale, I am interested in the mechanical behaviour of circulating capsules, whether they are bioartificial or natural ones (e.g. red blood cells). A capsule is a liquid droplet protected by a hyperelastic membrane. The objective is to determine the motion and deformation of capsules placed in an external flow. Different applications are under study: obtaining a better understanding of the deformation of a red blood cell in microcirculation, developing new techniques of encapsulation that rely on biocompatible capsules, studying the release mechanisms of an encapsulated substance and techniques to enhance the release, measuring the mechanical properties of micrometric capsules in batch, etc.

·        Numerical simulation of bioartificial capsules and cells in flow

·        Capsules and microfluidics

·        Release of encapsulated substance

-        At the scale of a blood vessel (macroscale), the objective is to better characterize the hemodynamics in physiological and diseased conditions (e.g. vascular diseases) and to study therapeutic techniques that are minimally invasive (embolisation, endografts).

·        Hemodynamics in large blood vessels

·        Minimally invasive therapeutic techniques


Selected publications

Salsac A.-V., Sparks S.R., Lasheras J.C. Hemodynamic changes occurring during the progressive enlargement of abdominal aortic aneurysms. Ann. Vasc. Surg. 18: 14-21, 2004.

Salsac A.-V., Sparks S.R., Lasheras J.C. Changes in pressure and wall tension occurring during the enlargement of abdominal aortic aneurysms. Simplicity, Rigor and Relevance in Fluid Mechanics. Higuera F.J., Jiménez J., Vega J.M. (eds). CINME Barcelona, 269-281, 2004. Link

Salsac A.-V., Sparks S.R., Chomaz J.M., Lasheras J.C. Evolution of the wall shear stresses during the progressive enlargement of symmetric abdominal aortic aneurysms. J. Fluid Mech. 550: 19-51, 2006. Link

Walter J., Salsac A.-V., Barthès-Biesel D., Le Tallec P. Coupling of finite element and boundary integral methods for a capsule in a Stokes flow. Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engn. 83: 829-850 (2010). Link

Barthès-Biesel D., Walter J., Salsac A.-V. Flow-induced deformation of artificial capsules. In Computational Hydrodynamics of Capsules and Biological Cells. Taylor & Francis/CRC Press. C. Pozrikidis (ed), 27-62 (2010).

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Bettoni J., Pagé G., Salsac A.-V., Duisit J., Constans J.-M., Constans C., Testelin S., Devauchelle B., Balédent O., Dakpé S. Contribution of flow MRI in the therapeutic strategy of a middle face high flow arteriovenous malformation: a case report. Journal of Stomatology Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. (2018). DOI : 10.1016/j.jormas.2018.11.018



Method of production and characterization of the mechanical properties of microcapsules. International patent. WO2012143546, 2012.


Magazine / newspaper articles, television

May 2015       Article « Anne-Virginie Salsac, au sommet de la recherche », Agir en Picardie Link


Dec 2015        Article « Bon Sang Ne Saurait Mentir », Actives Magazine, Link

Jan 2016         Article « Une brillante chercheuse récompensée », Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, Link

Feb 2016         Article « De l’Or à l’UTC », Interactions-UTC, Link

March 2016    Article « Anne-Virginie Salsac et la petite mécanique du corps humain », CNRS - Le Journal, Link

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Oct 2016         Article : « La force de la recherche en France, c’est l’esprit collectif », J'Innove en Hauts-de-France, Link

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Sept 2018       Article : « Deux millions d’euros pour des travaux de recherche menés à l’université de technologie de Compiègne », Courrier Picard



Research projects

2006 – 2007    Royal Society First Grant. Deformation of droplets in circulation: application to the study of cells in circulation. PI

2006 – 2007    Royal Society Wolfson Laboratory Refurbishment. Department de Mechanical Engineering à UCL. Partner

2007 – 2010    Projet de Recherche Structurant – Région Picardie. MicroFIEC - Microfluidic systems for encapsulation. Partner

2008 – 2011    Projet de Recherche Structurant – Région Picardie. EMBOLOTHERAPIE – In vitro/in vivo characterization of the endovascular technique of vessel embolization by glue injection. PI

2009 – 2013    Marie Curie Initial Training Network FP7. MeDDiCA - Medical devices design in cardiovascular applications. PI

2010 – 2013    Projet de Recherche Structurant – Région Picardie. MODCAP – Modelling of capsules, vesicules and cells in flow. PI

2011 – 2015    ANR Blanche. CAPSHYDR - Fabrication, characterization and modelling of CAPSules under HYDRodynamic constraints. PI

2012 – 2015    Labex MS2T. Capsule in flow in a bifurcated channel. PI

2012 – 2013    Fondation des Gueules Cassées. Feasibility study of PC-MRI in the face and neck. Partner

2013                1st Price, UTC Innovative project competition. Calibrated microencapsulation. PI

2013 – 2016    Projet de Recherche Structurant – Région Picardie. Flowface – In vivo quantification and numerical characterization of blood flows in the vascular vasculature of the cervico-facial region under normal and pathological situations. Partner

2015 – 2016    Emergence – Sorbonne Université. B3Caps – Buckling and Breakup of Biocapsules. PI

2015 – 2017    International Partnerships – Royal Society. DYMPCAPS –Dynamic Motion of Capsules in Flow. Partner

2015 – 2018    Collège doctoral Sorbonne Universités. Fluid-structure modelling of a cell in flow. PI

2015 – 2018    Projet de Recherche Structurant – Région Picardie. WONDERFUL - Wise OptimizatioN and Deep Enhancement of Redox Flow batteries through ULtimate modeling. Partner

2015 – 2018    Accueil Chercheur Haut Niveau – Région Picardie. FORPLAQ – Biomechanics of the formation of platelets. Partner

2016 – 2020    Projet de Recherche Structurant – Région Picardie. CapsAntiOx – Microencapsulation de molécules antioxydantes pour l’enrichissement des produits alimentaires. PI

2017 – 2018    Fondation des Gueules Cassées. Flow characterization in the external carotid branches before and after microsurgical anastomoses during cervico-facial reconstructions. Partner

2018 – 2023    ERC Consolidator grant. MultiphysMicroCaps. Multiphysics study of the dynamics, resistance and delivery potential of deformable Micro-Capsules. PI



Current teaching includes:

    Université de Technologie de Compiègne

Past teaching has also included:

     Université de Technologie de Compiègne

     University College London

    University of California, San Diego


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Université de Technologie de Compiègne

    Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

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Illustration of some of my recent activities of scientific mediation and communication: Wiki-Radio-CNRS at the National Days of Medicine organized by the Ministry of Health, Short TV programme ‘Parlons Passions’ (Talking about Passion), ‘Binôme’ (meeting of the play writer), Committee member of the French National Final of Three Minute Thesis, Advertising poster of the general public conference at Compiègne City Library, Film broadcasted on BRUT (internet media). Audio Sapiens, Radio Campus Amiens – Radio Graf-hit Compiègne


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