Multiphysics study of the dynamics, resistance and delivery potential of deformable Micro-Capsules

Grant Agreement number: 772191 — MultiphysMicroCaps — ERC-2017-COG


The objective is to study the behavior of liquid-core deformable microcapsule using sophisticated numerical models and microexperimental techniques developed synergistically. The project will pave the way to the generation of new generations of microvectors for active substances, thus offering alternatives to the use of nanoparticles. It proposes novel paradigms to model the flow and deformation of microcapsules both experimentally and numerically, in order to find the tradeoff between the quantity of encapsulated substance and the mechanical resistance of the capsule. The challenge will be to tune the mechanical properties to prevent (or favor) rupture during flow and guarantee that the particles reaches the desired location.

The project will allow gathering a large number of collaborators and combing fundamental studies aiming at pushing forward the limit of knowledge on fluid-structure interactions at low inertia, with applied studies such as the encapsulation of natural anti-cancer substances.

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