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Modeling, Design and Expert Analysis of Fluidized Bed Systems
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Ergun Software for Boilers

Ergun Boilers Design Package is dedicated to the design of combustors and Boilers. The program is mainly focused on the use of solid fuels like: coal, wood residue, sludge, agricultural waste (straw, coconuts fiber, rice husk, etc.).

The program successfully uses the PINCH concept to optimize the steam generation efficiency of the boiler. It also provides a number of features and tools to simplify the design procedure for a given "fuel". The user does not need to be "an expert" in the Power Generation field. The program works in three simple steps of calculation where all the key procedures all clearly explained.

Bed dimensions (with or without cyclones) as well as "Superheaters", "Reheaters", "Economizer" and "Air Heater" characteristics are provide at the end of the designstep. The software defines the most economic solution and advises about the use of "Wing Walls" and/or Exrenal Heat Exchangers".

 The goal of the design project is to reduce the amount of fuel necessary to produce a given quantity of superheat steam at given T and P. This goal is combined with that of the minimization of initial investment (always proportional to the size of the power plant). It also performs the optimized operating conditions like lower admissible stack temperature, etc.

The present version of the program does not study the Hydrodynamic aspect (flow structure) of the fluid bed. This aspect, as well as the calculation of heat transfer coefficients in dense or dilute part of the CFB or the fluid bed can be studied by Ergun BFB and Ergun CFB packages. However, the Ergun Boiler Design software is an independent pack that can be used independently from other Ergun packs.



Ergun Design Technology

Boiler Example1

Boiler design example where the superheater and a parimary reheater are placed inside the bed.


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