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  • Bachelor’s degree in Digital Engineering and Management (ID&M)

    The Digi­tal Engi­nee­ring & Mana­ge­ment double degree is a 4‑year pro­gram run joint­ly by UTC and EDHEC Busi­ness School (École des hautes études com­mer­ciales du Nord). Stu­dents acquire know­ledge and skills in engi­nee­ring science and mana­ge­ment science, first through an in-depth stu­dy of the essen­tial concepts in each of these areas, and then by spe­cia­li­zing in one of the three majors on offer: Mar­ke­ting, Finance, or Engi­nee­ring. They spend time on both cam­puses, star­ting at UTC and ending at EDHEC.


    The double degree is inten­ded to equip stu­dents with a varie­ty of skills for their pro­fes­sio­nal career:

    • Mana­ge­rial skills such as wor­king in a team, pro­ject mana­ge­ment, ethics, accoun­ting, mar­ke­ting, and finance;
    • Engi­nee­ring skills such as mana­ging inno­va­tion, IT know-how, crea­tive thin­king, data­bases, ope­ra­tio­nal research, and know­ledge of inter­net law;
    • Inter­dis­ci­pli­na­ry skills such as an abi­li­ty to ana­lyze, reflexi­vi­ty, open-min­ded­ness, inter­cul­tu­ra­li­ty, agi­li­ty, and adaptability.

    A course on two campuses

    List of modules

    • Real Ana­ly­sis
    • Linear Alge­bra
    • Algo­rithms and Programming
    • English
    • Second lan­guage or huma­ni­ties module
    • Eco­no­mics
    • Gene­ral Accounting
    • Auto­ma­tic Data Processing
    • Prin­ciples of Marketing
    • Prin­ciples of Finance
    • Pro­ba­bi­li­ty and Statistics
    • Pro­gram­ming and IT Development

    Semes­ter 4 spent abroad (exchanges possible)

    List of modules

    • Data­bases
    • Ope­ra­tio­nal research for a sus­tai­nable environment
    • Eco­no­me­trics
    • Cost accoun­ting
    • English
    • Net­works
    • Cyber­se­cu­ri­ty
    • Busi­ness game
    • Cor­po­rate res­pon­si­bi­li­ty and ethics
    • Inter­net law
    • Research metho­do­lo­gy

    Choice of a major (at the end of semes­ter 3):
    Mar­ke­ting, Finance or Engineering

    Career opportunities

    • Data miner
    • Data ana­lyst
    • Data scien­tist
    • KYC (Know Your Customer)
    • Cre­dit analyst
    • Growth hacker
    • Cloud com­pu­ting engineer
    • Social­ly res­pon­sible invest­ment analyst
    • IT/Finance pro­ject leader
    • Finan­cial plan­ning & ana­ly­sis manager
    • Chief data officer
    • Data miner
    • Data ana­lyst
    • Data scien­tist
    • Head of inter­nal oversight
    • Head of cus­to­mer rela­tions in the insu­rance sector
    • Head of e‑commerce and digi­tal marketing
    • Chief expe­rience offi­cer (CXO)
    • Digi­tal brand manager
    • Data eth­no­gra­pher
    • Web evan­ge­list
    • User expe­rience (UX) and user inter­face (UI) designer
    • Crea­tive technologist
    • Traf­fic manager
    • Elec­tro­nic cus­to­mer rela­tion­ship mana­ger (e‑CRM)
    • Cor­po­rate e‑reputation manager

    Further study opportunities


    ID&M co-direc­tor at EDHEC/UTC
    Natha­lie Darene
     +33 (0)3 44 23 44 23
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