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    Eight research units form the core of UTC’s research potential. Inasmuch as they cannot be seen as independent research communities, they collectively represent technical-scientific skills as in various scientific research areas: basic, formal sciences (mathematics), experimental sciences (mechanical, biochemical, biological, computer sciences and applications … social sciences and societal issues (ICTs, economic, management, sociology and humanities).
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    Heuristics and diagnostics for complex systems (Heudiasyc) – UMR CNRS – 7253

    UTC / CNRS
    Founded in 1981 and associated with the CNRS from the start, the mission of the UTC-Heudiasyc research unit is to carry out research into automation, decision-making, imaging and computing, taking human factors into account.
    More about Heudiasyc

    Bio-mechanics and bio-engineering (BMBI) – UMR CNRS 7338

    UTC / CNRS
    Studies carried out by the UTC-BMBI laboratory address questions of living matter mechanics and health engineering.
    More about BMBI

    Enzyme and cell engineering (GEC) – UMR CNRS 7025

    The research activities carried out at GEC are centered on the premise that solutions to scientific challenges are present in Nature. They combine three main approaches: utilization of bioresources, bioinspiration and biomimicry.
    More about GEC

    Integrated transformation of renewable matter (TIMR)

    The team behind TIMR stands at the crossroads between practice and knowledge in process engineering and chemistry, and is oriented towards the objective of value-adding to agro-resources, in an overall strategy of sustainable development.
    More about TIMR

    The French-Mexican laboratory for computer science and automatic control systems (LAFMIA) – UMI 3175

    UTC / CNRS / Institut polytechnique de Grenoble / université Joseph Fourier / CINVESTAV
    The research results are embodied in applications to be found in mechanical engineering, transportation, energy and the environment via drinking water distribution and agriculture.
    More about LAFMIA

    Mechanics, energy and electricity (Roberval)

    The UTC Roberval Laboratory promotes the development of innovative computational and experimental protocols and tools for reliable and robust analysis-based design, of mechanical engineering systems and structures.
    More about Roberval

    Multiscale modelling of urban systems (Avenues)

    The general emphasis of the research carried out by the Avenues team relates to multi-scale and multi- physics modelling of built up spaces, adopting varying systemic and pluridisciplinary computer aided decision approaches to propose planning decisions and projects to achieve sustainable cities.
    More about Avenues

    Knowledge, organization and technical systems (Costech)

    The UTC-Costech Laboratory is a pluridisciplinary research unit where research scientists work on the triple interface “Man, Technology, Society” for the purpose of describing scientifically, analysing, modelling and the design of tooled interactions in complex social, technical situations.
    More about Costech

    Applied mathematics (LMAC)

    LMAC is a transdisciplinary research unit specialised in inverse problems, stochastic processes, digital analysis, statistics and reliability, which is a set of problems that depend on societal challenges with industrial or socio-economic partners.
    More about LMAC

    Federation of research heterogeneous systems in interaction (FR SHIC)

    UTC / CNRS
    The scientific project is structured around three thematic axes: Interaction and cooperation between system; Uncertainty management, risk management; From system component to system of systems: analysis, multi-scale and multi-physics design and modeling, and a transversal axis: Dynamics of systems of systems: emergence and agility.
    More about FR SHIC
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