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  • Projects registered with the Investments for the Future incentive programme

    Various UTC project submissions - prepared in line with the university’s scientific policy orientations –received recognition for the relevant international juries and financial awards under the French Government’ incentive programme “Investments for the Future” (for a total earmarked amount of 21.9 billion euros, for higher education and research). This provided an opportunity for UTC to distinguish itself as a world class teaching and research pole in certain chosen areas and to develop new specialties in the training course offer that tie in with the available high-level research equipment and facilities.

    The Investments for the Future Programme

    This programme represents a mobilization of French State funding in Higher Education and Vocational training schemes, in research activities, industries and SMEs, in sustainable development and in all future oriented areas such as 'digital', 'biotech' or 'nuclear' sectors.
    More about the programme

    IdeX SUPER: a world-class ‘excellence’ campus

    To use recent HE terminology, a so-called “excellence initiative” combines both territorial logic for sets of HE and research establishments that have already gained recognition for their achievements in science and pedagogy.
    More about SUPER

    PIVERT: a unique ITE in plant chemistry

    PIVERT is an ITE and an interdisciplinary platform for carbon-free energy investigations; the unit brings together the skills available in industrial sectors and in public research in compliance with a logic of co-investment.
    More about PIVERT

    ROBOTEX: an Equipex in robotics

    Robots and robotics in general have become essential components in aeronautics, in transport, in civilian and military security, and this is true in France too.
    More about ROBOTEX

    FIGURES: an Equipex in the field of reparatory surgery

    FIGURES is a platform for research and specifically oriented to face surgery.
    More about FIGURES

    MS2T: a Labex for Control of Systems of Technology-intensive Systems

    The MS2T Labex aims at making UTC a reference site in the field of "systems of systems". The ambition of all those involved is to accelerate the removal of scientific blocking points and hurdles and to encourage the emergence of an international scientific community specialized in systems of systems.
    More about MS2T

    RAILENIUM: an IRT specialized in rail-road technologies

    Railenium is an IRT (a Government certified Institute for technological research), a combination of public and private sector laboratories and specialized in a domain of futuristic technologies.
    More about RAILENIUM

    InnovENT-E: a certified ‘excellence’ training course serving the needs of SMEs

    InnovENT-E: a certified ‘excellence’ training course serving the needs of SMEs for their innovation and international development.
    More about InnovENT-E

    LUTECH: a technology transfer company as a “filter for innovative projects”

    It was the observation made by the State authorities that the results of public research very rarely led to industrial valorisations or to innovations, the reason being the too wide gap between the two worlds public/private, that led to the creation of the SATTs, an acronym for technology transfer accelerators with an assigned mission to enable maturation of scientific work and results.
    More about LUTECH
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