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Industrial Process Engineering (GP)

Pro­cess Engi­nee­ring is a cross-roads of various spe­cial­ty skills, know­ledge and know-how that sees natu­ral or syn­the­tic raw mate­rials trans­for­med into fini­shed pro­ducts in a series of ope­ra­tio­nal stages. A PE Engi­neer faces some of today’s major chal­lenges: ener­gy eco­no­mics and savings, opti­mal lean use of raw mate­rials, limi­ted impacts on the environment.

UTC-GP key figures

  • 28 lec­tu­rer research scientists
  • 100 gra­duates / yr.
  • 25 Master's degree / yr.
  • Over 10 PhDs / yr.
  • Ave­rage time to recruit­ment: 2 months
  • 40% of the GPI gra­duates are recrui­ted after their end-of-stu­dies project
  • 90% of the GPI gra­duates are recrui­ted within 6 months after graduation


The UTC-GPI Depart­ment trains gene­ra­list engi­neers, who can be recrui­ted in a num­ber off sec­tors: che­mis­try, par­ache­mis­try, oil and petro­leum pro­ducts, agro-food indus­tries … the basic courses cover ther­mo­dy­na­mics, fluid mecha­nics, trans­fer phe­no­me­na, reac­tor ves­sel and content cal­cu­la­tions (hence nee­ding good mas­te­ry of com­pu­ter sciences and com­pu­ta­tio­nal methodologies).

The PE is capable of:

  • desi­gning trans­for­ma­tion pro­cesses for mat­ter and ener­gy, safe, clean and economical,
  • fol­lo­wing and sca­ling up deve­lop­ment to indus­trial operations,
  • ensu­ring opti­mal ope­ra­tions in line with a pre­de­fi­ned sus­tai­nable deve­lop­ment policy.

Training offer

The UTC-GPI Dept offers 4 spe­cial­ties (for stu­dents recrui­ted from BAC+2 (DEUTEC, DUT or CPGE) or BAC+3 (First degree):


The excel­lence of GP research is a clear feature:


50% of the GPI stu­dents can choose among some 40 host esta­blish­ments round the world in Cana­da, the USA, UK, Fin­land, Swe­den, Bra­zil, Argen­ti­na, Chile…).

A double diplo­ma can be awar­ded after stu­dies at the Uni­ver­si­ties of Braun­sch­weig (Ger­ma­ny), Cran­field (UK), Turin (Ita­ly), Zara­go­za (Spain), Ita­ju­ba (Bra­zil).

Contact and documentation

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